GP66 Miracle Cleaner removes the TOUGHEST dirt, grease, and grime.

cleans just about anything saving you time and money! 

#1 on QVC 

Made in USA

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We believe everyone can benefit from a powerful cleaning formula that does it all

Everything we do is rooted deeply in our American heritage working hard everyday since 1966 to provide you with the highest quality cleaning solution. GP66 is unique; it's a laundry detergent, floor cleaner, degreaser, and more all in one!




The original GP66 Miracle Cleaner is the best cleaning product on the market!

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It's a laundry detergent, degreaser, floor cleaner, dishwasher, and more all in one!




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Over 500 5 Star Reviews

It is amazing how effective this product has been for me. The miracle cleaner has been my partner when it is time to do chores. Cleaning my microwave and oven has been so effortless because of this product.


To be honest, the problem with cooking is cleaning up the mess afterwards. Food stains and oil splatter need time and a lot of scrubbing. But thanks to this product, the time I spend doing such chores was cut in half.


This is the best cleaner I have found and have been doing this for awhile so powerful and effective!


I am using this everywhere I see dirt. It's cleaning power is seriously effective. Grease, stain, sink, bathtub, the floor, you name it. I cannot put into words my satisfaction with this cleaning spray.



"We have never had a product like this it's amazing!"

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You deserve to save and spend more time with family and friends. We hear you. Let GP66 simplify your work and add something good to your life.

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Looking for the best home and industrial cleaner? Look no further GP66 is here.

NSF Approved

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