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Andy Kaplanges on set at QVC with his late father and inventor of GP66 Miracle Cleaner, Jimmy Kaplanges.

 Family First

Andy Kaplanges is following in his father's footsteps as his father did before him.  Andy's father, Jimmy Kaplanges, got his start more than 60 years ago, mopping floors in his father's restaurant using the soap his father made from a mix of boiled fat and lye.

The son of Greek immigrants, Jimmy Kaplanges earned a degree in chemistry and made his start with a small business selling janitorial equipment. On the side, he experimented with his own concoction of ingredients, which he perfected in 1966. He named the non-toxic pink goo "Greek Power 1966", now called Green Product, and set out to sell it. He mixed the solution in steel vats in a small Baltimore factory he built. Having no capital, he packaged GP66 into discarded 55-gallon steel drums, which he got for free. He cleaned, painted and stenciled the drums, "made them look all nice and pretty" and loaded them into his truck. The sales pitch was easy - he'd mop floors, wash cars and scrub equipment for any potential client. "I had a small little garage in [Baltimore's] Greektown right next to the tracks," Mr. Kaplanges said. "My wife was my secretary at home at the kitchen table. She'd handle the phones. They always thought I had an office."

With Jimmy Kaplanges at the helm and his sons Gus and Andy by his side, GP66 Miracle Cleaner has been used to clean graffiti off Baltimore schools and NYC subway cars, soot from the Fort McHenry Tunnel and grime off equipment at Baltimore Gas & Electric, to name just a few. The secret to his success is GP66, an environmentally friendly "miracle cleaner" that has built a reputation from here to China. "They all came seeking me", Mr. Kaplanges said. "I wasn't sophisticated enough to do that king of marketing. My forte was doing show and tell."

Flash forward to thirty years later and GP66 Miracle Cleaner is still going strong.  Although the Baltimore plant is now a fading memory, GP66 Miracle Cleaner is still manufactured and sold right here in the USA by Andy Kaplanges, his wife Tanya Kaplanges, and their family.

You may see Andy out and about from time to time showing what he learned from his father by mopping floors, washing cars, scrubbing client's equipment...

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