gp66 miracle cleaner 5 gallon pail

GP66 Miracle Cleaner 5 Gallon Pail

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  • GP66 REMOVES THE TOUGHEST DIRT, GREASE, AND GRIME FROM JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ANYWHERE! GP66 is a water based and proprietary all in one cleaning solution initially developed for industrial use. Now, its in homes all across America.
  • GP66 is CONCENTRATED saving you time and money!
  • USDA AUTHORIZED, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, WATER BASED, and MADE IN the USA BY A SMALL FAMILY WOMAN OWNED and OPERATED BUSINESS! GP66 is proven safe, effective and environmentally friendly. The formula meets O.S.H.A. requirements and has been reviewed by the EPA, Department of Health and Human Hygiene, and Aviation Administration
  • ONE DO IT ALL SOLUTION! GP66 cleans ovens, carpets, pots and pans, concrete, brick, grout, laundry, equipment, microwaves, spray paint, grills, airway strips, graffitti, automobiles, floors, wine, blood, pet mess, tables, golf clubs, fireplaces, bacon grease, laminate floors, roofs, vinyl, glass, furniture, stove tops, walls, and more!
  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND POWERFUL FORMULA! When you clean with water and other detergents, you are not getting results because water is like a film that sits on top of a surface rather than penetrating through it. GP66 breaks the surface tension of water which allows GP to mix and emulsify your stain. 100% MONEY BACK IF NOT SATISFIED.