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Gentle enough to handle fabrics, rugs, upholstery and linoleum when diluted with water according to instructions on every container. Quickly and easily cleans paneling, ceramics, counter tops, vinyl and appliances. GP66 has cleaned countless industries, institutions, restaurants, schools, hospitals and homes for over 30 years.

GP66 will clean just about anything around the house including grills, ovens, grout, wax stripping, patio furniture, bathrooms, laundry, lawn mowers, golf bags and equipment, brake dust on wheels and auto interiors. Just add water, scrub lightly and rinse away!

Your home is exposed to many different types of stains - animal, food, petroleum and various types of funky, scummy build-up.

GP66 cleans and degreases the entire spectrum of stains, dirt, grease and grime with a trusted, effective safe formula that is easy for the user and friendly to the environment.

GP66 is the one product to keep at your fingertips that will clean and degrease just about everything around the house...and the best part can do it in less time, with less effort, safely with less cost!



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