Entrepreneur’s Winning on QVC: See Why People are Ditching Their Cleaning Products for GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner

It was the summer of 1966; Jimmy Kaplanges was working in his mother’s restaurant. He would spend countless hours trying to remove dirt, grease, and grime from various surfaces. While studying chemistry at the University of Maryland, he discovered a solution to his problem. After testing hundreds of trials, he found the perfect cleaning formula and named it GP66. Industrial companies soon came looking for the miracle cleaner.   

GP66 is a concentrated, powerful, and unique cleaning liquid that cleans just about anything, anywhere; it can even be used as laundry detergent. The product contains no phosphates, which is responsible for algae blooms. Jimmy knew sustainability would be a factor in how we shop today more than 50 years ago! He mixed the solution in steel vats in a small Baltimore factory he built. Having no capital, he packaged GP66 into discarded 55-gallon steel drums, which he got for free. Jimmy’s son, Andy joined the business as a child. Andy’s wife, Tanya, began working for GP66 as a teenager.

Thirty years later, after Jimmy’s passing, Andy and Tanya take over the business. Andy would deliver GP66 to his school teachers to help them with daily clean up. Tanya worked by his side. In an attempt to capture the home buyer’s attention, Andy reaches out to QVC.

GP66 was sent to a QVC agent, and it sat neglected in the corner of a home for an entire year. GP66 was discovered when a door to door salesman tried to sell the QVC agent a cleaning spray. He was curious if GP66 would outperform the other product. After trying GP66, it was right then, and there the agent knew GP66 had to go on air. 

In its debut, GP66 sells out in minutes! Ten years later, GP66 is a best seller on the QVC channel. GP66 is on “In the Kitchen with David Venable.” Mr. Venable calls it his mom’s favorite cleaner!

“I remember the day we were invited to QVC’s showroom for the debut. When the sellout sign popped up on the screen, tears began to roll”- Tanya 

Today, Andy and Tanya deliver thousands of bottles to customers all across the country. Andy still makes it like his father.

“I’m glad my father got to witness the success GP66 has had on QVC. We are very fortunate for QVC and our great customers”-Andy.

From a once unknown product to a Today’s Special Value sellout, this is a story of how one man and his wife never gave up on accomplishing their dream.

The company is still small, but continually winning on QVC may take it to another level one day. 

GP66 can be purchased from QVC and Amazon. 


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