How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpets and Furniture!

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpets and Furniture!

Coffee Stains are one of the most challenging stains to remove. At one point in your life, you have probably experienced coffee being spilled on your new carpet or your favorite shirt. Coffee is a tannin. Tannins are apart of a very large family of compounds called polyphenols.  The chemical binds and stick to proteins that easily dissolve in water, which is why they stain teeth. Professional teeth whitening is often required to remove coffee stains on your teeth. So, it is no surprise that professional carpet cleaning is typically required to eliminate coffee stains. 

You pour a fresh cup of coffee, walk over to the couch to enjoy your lazy Sunday, then all of a sudden, you drop the cup on the floor, pouring it everywhere! This is the worst-case scenario because the heat from the coffee actually opens up the fibers in the carpet. The coffee is now embedded into the fabric, and you are thinking you may have to purchase a new rug.  WRONG! With GP66, you can remove the coffee stain....

In this picture, a fresh cup of coffee was kicked over. The coffee spilled on the white couch and on the rug. As a note, the coffee had cream and sugar mixed into the cup. Coffee with sugar additives is a STAIN BOMB. 


NOTE: It is best to tackle this right when you have a spill

1.) Grab a bottle of GP66 and take off the sprayer. Yes, this may seem odd, and if you are reading this, you now know more than 99% of GP66 users

2.) Dump the liquid on the surface to saturate the entire area. As long as the area is really wet with GP66, you are on your way to getting this stain out

3.) Let GP66 sit on the stain for 10-15 minutes  

4.) Make sure you are using the appropriate cleaning tool.  DO NOT SCRUB. We recommend microfiber.

5.) As you begin to lightly wipe, you will see the GP66 start to foam up. 

8.) Rinse with water

9.) Dry with a towel 

10.) Repeat steps 1-9 if needed


What seemed impossible is now possible with GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner!

The next time you spill coffee, reach for a bottle of GP66. We recommend acting fairly quickly. A wet coffee stain is much easier to remove as opposed to a dry coffee stain. 




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