How to Clean Spray Paint and Graffiti

Step #1

Spray GP66 Miracle Cleaner on graffiti.

Step #2

Place paper toweling over graffiti..

Step #3

Spray more GP66 on toweling to saturation point.

Step #4

Keep toweling wet with GP66 Miracle Cleaner.

Step #5

Test graffiti with stainless steel brush or pad every 1/2 hour. Be sure to test with a stripping pad for smooth surfaces.


Step #6

When graffiti is ready to come off, remove toweling and spray with GP66 Miracle Cleaner while you scrub graffiti off.

Note: Some graffiti will come off immediately. Most graffiti will come off in 1/2 to 1 hour soaking time as explained above. In rare instances, you may need up to 24 hours using the above method. Use the stainless-steel brush on course rough surfaces. Use the stripping pad for smooth surfaces.