How to Clean Pet Mess and Stains

How to Clean Pet Mess and Stains

We love pets, and we hope most people out there love them too!  Having a pet brings happiness, but it can be difficult to find time to clean up after them.  Sooner or later, you may find yourself with stains all around the house. This is why pet owners must know how to get dog and cat pee out of all types of surfaces, not just carpet. Pet owners need to equip themselves with GP66 becuase it does it all. There are many types of pet cleaning products, but GP66 cleans just about everything, saving you time and money.  When it comes to just pets, GP66 cleans kennels, litter boxes, carpets, furniture, etc. 
  1. Spray soiled area with ample amount of GP66 Miracle Cleaner full strength.

  2. Scrub lightly with nylon bristle brush.

  3. Wait 10 minutes.

  4. Using a damp terry cloth towel. Wipe in a clock wise circular motion.

  5. Using a dry terry cloth towel. Wipe in a counter clockwise circular motion. Changing the towel surface to keep it clean.

Note: To shampoo the carpet just mix 5 ounces of GP66 to 1 gallon of water and run through your machine. GP66 is compatible with all carpet cleaning machines.

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