How To Clean Patios and Decks

How To Clean Patios and Decks

To keep your patio looking great, all you need to do is clean it a few times a year with GP66.  The traditional approach, soap and water, will not give you the results you are looking for because water is like a film.  To break through the film, you need GP66 to break the molecular bond and penetrate the surface. By allowing GP66 to sit on your patio, the solution will lift and remove the tough dirt, algae, and grime. Whether your patio is concrete, wood, brick, stone, or marble, GP66 cleans just about any surface type.  

Spring is the perfect time to clean and restore your patio. Choose GP66 to remove the toughest green and black grime. 

Recommended Materials:

Garden Spray Tank 

Gallon of GP66 

Home Pressure Washer


1.)  Fill your garden tank sprayer with GP66, full strength.  You can dilute to save; however using full strength will give you the best results. 

2.)  Apply GP66, full strength, to your patio. Get the surface saturated. 

3.)  Let the product sit for 15-30 minutes: the longer GP66 sits, the more time you are allowing it to penetrate and emulsify dirt. 

4.) Use a pressure washer to deep clean.  You can choose to use a garden hose. 

For the most simple instruction, pour a gallon of GP66 over your surface, let it sit, and use a garden hose.  

That's it! Thanks for choosing GP66! 

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