How to Clean Golf Clubs Using GP66 Miracle Cleaner

How to Clean Golf Clubs Using GP66 Miracle Cleaner

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Cleaning the face of a golf club can be tricky.  The little grooves make it a challenge to clean, and the dirt makes it a challenge to hit the ball accurately. There are a lot of places dirt can stick on clubs and your bag. The following tips will get your old or new clubs looking fresh:


1.) Spray GP66 full strength on the face of the club 

2.) Use a small brush, toothbrush size, or scrub pad.  A toothpick will help get into the grooves as well.  Remember, you probably have a tee in your bag. Rinse with potable water and dry with a rag.

3.) Next, spray GP66 on the handle.  Grips are expensive to replace, so you want to take a rag and go over it at least once a week.  Depending on how much you play, you may not need to clean it that often.  If your grips are getting worn over time, take a little sandpaper and give them a light sanding.  It will rough up the surface, which will give you an incredible grip.  Rinse with water and dry with a rag. 

These little tips, although simple, can be forgotten easily.  

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