How to Clean and Remove Tanning Mousse for Tanning Enthusiasts

For all you tanning enthusiasts out there, this is the cleaning solution for you! Tanning mousse attaches to protein. It is very difficult to remove from carpet and surfaces. Tanning products react with amino acids to form a variety of brown compounds called melanoidins. Since tanning products are designed to attach to skin, you can imagine how difficult it can be to remove the substance off of a surface, especially carpet, where fibers bind to chemicals. No worries though, GP66 is here to help!


1. Spray GP66 full strength, saturating the entire surface

2. Let GP66 sit for 15 minutes 

3. Come back and scrub with a stiff brush. As mentioned in a previous post, a green scrub brush by Libman is good choice.

4. Rinse with water. You can grab a regular glass with water and pour the water on the stain.

5. Dry off with a towel. We like microfiber cloths; they are extremely versatile.