How to Clean a Range Hood Grease Filter

How to Clean a Range Hood Grease Filter

A range hood filter collects grease particles to restrict them from getting into the vent itself. You want air circulating through the range hood and the filter. This small appliance is discreet, and some homeowners may not clean it for years, not knowing it is even there. The range hood over the oven acts as a barrier to your surrounding walls from yellowing due to the grease and smoke. A filter with too much oil is a safety hazard. If you do not clean them, you will be cooking one day and the smoke will get out of control. You may not know the reason at first, but it is most likely your blocked grease filter. A clogged grease filter can also attract bugs. 

Luckily, GP66 has been used in commercial kitchens for over 50 years to prevent pollution.  GP66 cleans range hood filters in commercial kitchens so cafeterias can be industry compliant.  GP66 melts grease right off a filter, so instead of buying a case of filters, it saves maintenance managers and home owners money. GP66 protects families. A properly circulating vent equipped with a clean filter is very beneficial.

How often should you clean it?

Just once every six months 


1. Remove the filter. Most filters are easy to remove, and some even pop out. The filter is located underneath the range hood. Older filters will be screwed in.  You may need to grab a Phillips or flathead screwdriver. 

2. Grab a small container.  You will need a container large enough to hold GP66 and the filter. 

3. Pour an ample amount of GP66 in the container (a clear baking tray). You want to use enough to cover the filter with the solution completely. We recommend using full-strength for the best results.

4. Drop the filter in the solution and leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes.  You should begin to see the grease melt off. Awesome right! Science!

5. Pull the filter out of the container and set it back in place.

You can also spray GP66 full strength on the filter and wipe with a rag.

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